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at its being stated so barely. Yet the facts stare
us in the face, common knowledge, not to be
denied. That furious, hungry, desperate, brutal
mob was the outcome of generations of Catholic
rule, Catholic morality and Catholic education.
The King of France was the " Most Christian
King, the eldest son of the Church "9 he was
master of the economic and financial life of the
community, and the Catholic Church controlled
the intellectual life of the community and the
education of the people absolutely. That mob
was the outcome. It is absurd to parrot that
Christianity has never been tried. Christianity
in its most highly developed form has been tried
and tried again. It was tried for centuries fully
and completely, in Spain, France, Italy. It was
responsible for the filth and chronic pestilence
and famine of medieval England. It inculcated
purity but it never inculcated cleanliness. Catholic
Christianity had practically unchallenged power
in France for generations. It was free to teach
as it chose and as much as it chose. It dominated
the common life entirely. The Catholic system
in France cannot have reaped anything it did
not sow, for no other sowers were allowed.
That hideous mob of murderous ragamuffins
we are so familiar with in pictures of the period;
was the final harvest of its regime.